2020 will be great!

In November my friend Lotta Hagelin held a fun release party for her book Mindful Homes. She gives you her guidance in how to find harmony in your home although you are living a busy life in a big city. Feng Shui mixed with her own experience of how to create a peaceful place.

This is a Swedish book but she will be transalating it in to english soon.

Lotta interviewed me about space clearing so you can read my tips and answers and get a sense of the amazing tool Im working with. Space Clearing is such a profound way of changing lifes and softening energies that are blocked or stagnant.

It has been fun and inspiring to follow Lottas journey for a bit. She has built a whole concept around her ideas so I am part of her Mindful City Soul team. Very exciting.

Im looking forward to the workshops we will give to the world.

So keep your eyes open for what might come out of this project.

2020 has to be a great year………we need to shine our lights strongly.

My expertise is to unlock the flow for those that want to feel free and be able to manifest everything they want in their lifes.

Are you that one?

The one that are ready to let go of the last old pieces and fully embrace your power.

I work with you and your home.

A powerful way to bring healing and flow.

Lets talk about what you want.

Im living in Stockholm so its easy if you do that too….if not Im happy to travel.

Happy New Year!


Mindful home