Hope this year has started well and by that I mean that you feel what you want and will go for it in 2021.

Keep reading and you will get to the information about the New Vibrations program I am releasing.

I have the sense that we have gone through a really rough year so now nothing can stop us. We actually can manage because we had to face and accept intense situations and adjust to uncomfortable times. My experience is that we grow and can get more focused when have to deal with real stuff in our lives. In the long run it can be taxing due to inner stress ….. then it is relly good to remember to care for yourself. Doesn´t have to be in a big way. Taking a bath with some salt and olive oil, meditating, writing, reading, cooking something special for example.

Caring for your home is a very powerful wayt to bring in new energy and also to raise the vibrations and create a change in your life.

I´m excited to tell you that you now have the opportunity to learn more about your home and create new and flowing vibes for your life. I´m going to run my Sacred Space program for the first time so take the chance to get inspired and transform your home and let your dreams manifest. I have created this 4 week program so you will get both the knowledge about Feng Shui but woven together with meditation and other practices that will make you feel more free and light.

4 week program starting on the 20th jan  to 17th of feb

-You will learn to use powerful tools that will help you manifest your dreams
-You will get to know your home and feng shui in detail
-You will learn about each room and how to bring more of you in to them
-I keep you accountable to clutter clearing in a simple but structured way
-I answer your questions in the FB group
-And you will get access to a love workshop I will give

I will bring all of me and my expertise to make you feel lighter and freer and more joyful inside and in your home. I know how easy it is to jump in to a course and then skip it but I do care about you and what you need so I will be there and see how I best can support you.

If you apply before midnight (CET)of the 16th you save 50 Euro

After the 16th you pay 245 euro


(if you are Swedish and want to pay to my BG send me an email for your booking) 

Would you like my personal guidance during the program?  

That includes the group calls etc plus

2 inspiring personal online sessions a 60 mins
You will get a manual with your personal feng shui
I answer your questions privately
I will create a sacred flower mandala for your wantings
You will get a plan on how to keep on going after these weeks

My support is very caring and I want you to succeed and feel how you can manage your life and create what you want despite how that looks. So I will take you under my wings during these weeks and guide you til we finish.

The investment is 500 euro

Or book a free call with me and I will answer your questions

With Love and Warmth

Life is NOW don´t wait til then…