Transform Your Home  –  Transform Your Life


Jeanette Firesnow specializes in deep and fast shifts for her clients.

You dont want to spend more time on struggle or hesitation or procastination.

The best thing is that this is going to be fun and beautiful.
I know you have felt drained and overwhelmed just thinking of organising your stuff but for me your things
and your home is such a huge treasure that can lead to real change for you.
Exciting : )

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When you are aware of your home and your things
you have more control over your life.

When you have a home that is created from what you want and who you are
you feel more at peace.

When your home is energetically cleared from former years
it gives you space to land and manifest your dreams.


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Its was so so so good having you here for those days. The clutter clearing and organising
felt so fluid and I think it saved me 6 months of work. Im so pleased and releived!  
It also went amazingly smooth to make choises and buy the furniture to create my new home.
The beautiful space clearing brought a deeper stillness in me. My back pain was surprisingly reduced.
Grateful for your help!
O. Bladh, Coordinator  Östersund, Sweden


So what could happen if I would work with you and your home?

Well to be really honest that´s up to your wantings and it´s all about what´s most important for your situation. We will make this clear during the interview and we will find a focus to hold for this whole new-life-project of yours.

Clients of mine have found their love of their lifes in 1 years time. They have found a dream home and moved. Businesses has started to flow. Some have realised how much they love what they have and gotten more relaxed with in.


With a bachelor in psychology and work in a bank organisation I let go and stepped in to Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Meditation training. I put a lot of effort and money in to travelling all over the world to study for internationally known teachers. Since 2008 I have worked with determined people in many places. Naturally mostly in Sweden but also Denmark, UK, Netherlands, USA, Australia. Im currently writing on a book on how to honour your home and life.

Since 2004 I have given workshops and courses and consultations in either Feng Shui or Space Clearing or Meditation.Now it was time to put it all together because I´ve seen what a big difference it makes for clients when I work with them over a longer period of time or more focused for some days.

From the depth of my heart I seriously want you to be able to turn your life around towards more lightness and flow.


Please feel free to book a call with me and I will listen to what you want and tell you if I can help.
On the way I will give you my advice so you will definitely get inspired.


With lots of warmth