Space Clear your home for a new fresh beginning.

I perform beautiful and very special clearing ceremonies for private homes and in buildings. All the old energetic imprints will be lifted and new vibrations land with more light and joy that supports your dreams to keep manifest.

Why do a space clearing?

If you feel stuck in your life your home is a good place to start working. Clutter clearing and cleaning is doing a great deal but all the old energetic traces from former inhabitants and things that has happened is still hanging like invisible clouds in the corners. These clouds or energetic cob webs holds some heavy energies that affects the flow of your life in a negative way.

Right after a clearing clients express that they feel lighter and more still. Some have the sense that they can fully own and  spread into their home energetically. They can breath out in a big way.

Some time after a clearing I have clients telling me they have achieved a lot in a short time without feeling reactive or procastinating. Things they have been wanting is now starting to flow and new opportunities come their way.

When to have a clearing ceremony done?

  • when you feel stuck and have been struggling to get things going in your life
  • when moving in to a home where people have lived and left imprints the clearing creates a wonderful landing and new beginning for you and your new life
  • when you have had a period of grief or heavy emotional processes
  • if your home have had unvanted visitors your private precious space have been broken and needs healing for you to feel fully safe again
  • if you are going to have a baby it´s both important and also beautiful to honor the baby with a clean space. Babies are super sensitive to spaces.
  • if you have divorced and you live in the same home as before you want to reset the space for your new life
  • if you move in with someone that has lived for long in the home it makes the merging of your lives easier if a clearing ceremony is done as a way to weave both of you in to the home.
  • when you want to move but it seems no new options for a home fall in to place.
  • if you struggle to sell your home a clearing ceremony can get the flow going and find the right buyer in a mysterious way.

What to expect from a clearing ceremony?

  • Harmonizes and revitalizes the energy of your home

  • Removes blockages

  • Creates a balanced flow in your home and life

  • Makes space for new opportunities to come your way

  • Creates space for more love and joy

  • Opens up for more softness

What clients say!

It was beautiful to see how my home told you everything. I also felt very safe in the gentle way you held it all. Gratitude!

Y. O. Stockholm, Sweden

Jeanette had a beautiful way of holding me and making me see and realize on another level.
I feel I got hope back again!

C. AnderssonStockholm, Sweden

Jeanette helped us with our old house we moved in to one year ago. It has had some heavy uncomfortable energies. Now we feel so much light and flow. A week after the clearing we found the perfect school for our kids and got in contact with other parents. We really wanted to get a better social life and it happened easily. We feel very grateful!

Gianni and familyBelgium

Jeanette has done two beautiful clearings of my home and so much has happened since. Remembering the first one that had a big impact on my then 30 year old son that wanted his own family and a good job at the time he was coming back living at my place. Today he has a wife, 2 kids and his own house. For me I have renovated my home and I see how I understand how to appreciate myself more when I feel the support from my own space. Deeply grateful for the skills and the amazing softness Jeanette brings in her work.

KarenManchester UK

How does it work?

I will interview you so I can get clear on what you want and most important feel if I´m the one to help you.

I travel to your home and together with you and maybe other grown ups in the house hold I perform the ceremony.

Your home will be filld with beautiful flowers and candles, sharp handclapps and divinely vibrating sounds from my Balinese Temple Bells.

Who I work with:

My ideal clients are people who are genuinely curious and have an understanding about respecting energetic work. They also need to have a maturity and understand that this work can touch deep parts inside and bring up hidden feelings and emotions. This is what unlocks what is blocked inside of you as we also release blockages in the home. Deep and profound and beautiful things can happen when we open and stay present.

My clearing training took 1 year back in 2008 and I´m today one of a handful clearers that has this specific training. I have worked with clients all over the world. I am also happy to work  on personal issues with the healing techniques I use.

My passion is to bring new high clear spaces to people that know there is more and also feel the deep wanting for it.

If we are a match we can create BIG positive changes for your life.

Looking forward to hearing what you want.

With so much joy and inspiration