A 12 week individual program with solid guidance from me. In this time your home and life will be lighter and more filled with joy.

The Sacred Space Solution
These are the steps we will take:

Vision – clarity on what you want

Clearing – release what is blocking the flow

Harmonize – create and enhance your home so it mirrors what you want. 

Reflection – this part is about seeing what you have done and rest in to the change we have created.

You will get simple yet beautiful rituals to lean in on. I help you create balance through personal feng shui for your home. 

Book a free call and we can talk about what you need and want. I want to support you to be able to step out from the old and embrace your power and creativity. 

With the Sacred Space Solution-program you will feel lighter and more energized to do what you really want in life.

How would you feel in three months time if you give yourself this support to get unstuck? What if you don´t take the step now?

I´ve often hesitated to have a guide or a coach becuase I know I can do things myself. Well yes and no. As soon as I got a coach to create my webpage it all went much faster because my coach knew more stuff. So much more can happen and it´s fun to be guided.

I really want you to feel and see all the possibilities you have when you start clearing out the old in your home. I want to be by your side in this process so you get through as much as you can in 12 weeks.

You will get:
– 18h guidance/ 1,5h per week 
– a feng shui plan for your home and life
– meditation and relaxation practices

– a recording with my magic Balinese Temple bells. The sounds clear out old energies and reharmonizes the space.

The Sacred Space Solution will take you from stuckness to joy and flow in 3 months.

Investment 2.022 EUR 

Book a call to see if we are a fit because then we can move mountains.



Why do this program?

  • Harmonize and revitalize the energy of your home

  • Remove blockages

  • Create space for love and relationships

  • Let go of the old and Make space for the new

What clients say!

It was beautiful to see how my home told you everything. I also felt very safe in the gentle way you held it all. Gratitude!

Y. O. Stockholm, Sweden

Jeanette had a beautiful way of holding me and making me see and realize on another level.
I feel I got hope back again!

C. AnderssonStockholm, Sweden