The 5 step manifesting list for 2020!

Hi and welcome to my first post on my new webpage.

Its the end of the year and for me that is always a time for going inside and feel what I want for the new year ahead.

Do you, like me, want to unlock the flow in your life? Keep reading : )

2019 has been a great adventure. I got a new job. It included a training period that I loved. So much passion and joy to be part of the subway driving in Stockholm. Also very cool when I prepared the train for the day and I drove out in to the early morning. 

Although this job was fun and exciting it also had lots of pressure from on different levels and I couldnt deal with that so now I have quit.

Do me a favour…. please when you pass a driver say Thank you! to her/him.

It is not an easy peasy job. Real stuff happens and you have to deal with a lot of responsibility and security stuff and time tables etc.

This year I was also given sweetness and romance and fun adventure with a man.

So for 2020 will bring all the passion and joy from this year.

I will also aspire for being able to focus and dare to go out of  my comfort zone even more.

I always does these kind of rituals to clarify my wantings. Last year this time I did want an extra job that was interesting and could give me a lot of structure. I also wanted to meet someone special. O boy the man I am seeing has everything I have asked for. This doesnt mean everything is harmonious and light because thats not what life is about. Will write more on this another time.

Next up….the 5 steps for you : )

And here are my 5 steps for manifesting what you want in 2020.

  1. Create some beauty on an altar with flowers and a candle
  2. Feel in to 2019 and go backwards and let memories return.
    Write down 1-5 words of feelings and stuff that you want to let go of. Let them be held in a imaginary balloon and let it slowly ascend high above you.
  3. Then write down 1-5 words of good feelings you had this year and hold it in your heart. Add things you want to happen to this picture. Feel how it would be if you already have it.
  4. Open your heart like a flower. Then your heart and your wantings will be seen and supported from above. Aknowledge what ever feeling is present for you.
  5. Let go and slowly end the ritual. Gaze in to the flame for a moment.

Hope this inspires and makes it clear for you on how to get it going. If you want some ideas of a flower offering or a mandala you can check out my instagram account here.

I want you to get something that you have wanted for a long time so keep joining me and spread the word because I will bring lots of ways on how to manifest. Yay we are on our way!

Thank you for your time!

Enjoy your ritual. I will get back to your with more exciting ideas soon.

With inspiration