What? Energetic Imprints?

Have you ever worn someones jacket?

How did that make you feel?

Did you feel safe because it was your beloved grand dads jacket or did you feel icky and not free to spread your own energies?

Imprints from people will sit in clothes and in the spaces we spend time. Emotions and outburst of feelings will be set in to the space. Times of sickness or depression, grief will create a sense of greyness. Joyful times will also of course create imprints. When it comes to clearing out old it means that I as a space clearer will raise the frequences of the life energy in your home. I clear away imprints that are heavy. Everything that all ready are on a joyful level will stay.

So your home will hold your imprints in an energetic layer. If you live in a place where others have lived before you it means that you will be mixing your energies with the memories of the former inhabitants. This actually restricts your life.

Think about the jacket and the mixing of your energies and the owners energies.

If you want to get more flow and manifest your dreams. Your home is the place to start creating the life you want. Which means that clearing out old imprints is a very powerful way of letting yourself fully land and take up all of the space.

When you own your space you can do so much more and feel free to spread.

Space clearing is a way of getting connected to your inner self and in that way connect to and let higher forces help you create in your life.

I want you to get what you dream of and will be happy to support you to create a home and life you love.

My base is in Sweden but Im more than happy to travel.

Let me know if you are drawn to what Im doing and we will schedule a meeting to see if Im the one to help you get what you want in life.

With love



Life is NOW waiting for you to recieve its gifts!