Space Clearing is a specialized branch of Feng Shui dedicated to balancing, harmonizing and revitalizing the energy in your home. A powerful cleansing technique that resets your space and life.

Space clearing is a step by step ceremony where I use flower offerings, clapping techniques and the sounds of beautiful Balinese temple bells to change the way a place feels.

We all leave energetic imprints in the spaces we spend time in. So if you are living in a place where lots of people have lived before you, for example, their imprints will still linger and affect your life. Those effects can be subtle but they are still interfering and can be the things that holds you back or blocks the flow.

Most people can easily recognize when a room or home feels comfortable, warm and inviting or when it feels cold or even creepy. The dilemma is that most people do not know what to do to get the desired feeling they want in their place. This is where Space Clearing comes in.

When the energy flow is alive and healthy, life feels in balance and well-being presides.
Energetic imprints are like dust clouds hanging on the walls and especially in the corners, in every nook and cranny or in spaces that do not have a flow of air or light. Or in rooms that are barely ever used the energy gets slowed.
I tune in to your home and feel the memory imprints to see what’s there and how it might affect you and your family. It is exciting to listen to your home and see what it has to say.

What are the benefits?

Space Clearing can help you in any aspect of your life where you feel blocked or burdened: in your job, in your personal life, and in your home. It is all about what you want more of in your life. Your dreams and inner wanting’s.

Space Clearing opens your awareness to invisible energies. It can help you to create from the power within you. It clears inner blockages, thus leading to clarity and to your goals.

Create intimate spaces to resolve differences in personal relationships. Many a relationship is reborn as a result of a Space Clearing. The ceremony helps the participants reconnect back to the love that was once there from the beginning.

Space Clearing can boost your energy for months afterwards. It gives you that lift you need to let go of the old and to embrace the new.

Space Clearing allows you to really land and be present in your home and your life.


  • Harmonize and revitalize the energy of your home

  • Cleanse imprints from your home or business

  • Remove blockages

  • Set intention for a new project or phase of life

  • Create space for love and relationships

  • Let go of the old and Make space for the new

How can I get started?

To get started, simply s book a discovery call so we can discuss what it is that you want so I can explain what I can do for you and your new phase in life.


What clients say!

It was beautiful to see how my home told you everything. I also felt very safe in the gentle way you held it all. Gratitude!

Y. O. Stockholm, Sweden

Jeanette had a beautiful way of holding me and making me see and realize on another level.
I feel I got hope back again!

C. AnderssonStockholm, Sweden