Inner Space Techniques is a way to see behind your issues. When you find the cause or the root of the problem and clearly can see and feel it. Deep and profound healing can happen.

You will be guided and held by me in a space of meditation. We do not want the mind to be active when we try to reach a metaphysical level. The issues/traumas/patterns you want to work on can change because you experience them from another level of your being. Talking about your issues does not solve them. You can get some clarity, but the real healing needs to happen on the level of where the actual problem is.

I have used these techniques since 2006 and I keep using them because they bring real change for me and I want you to get that too. So many people try lots of different things and hardly get anywhere so I often meet clients that almost has given up on a solution. Or their mind has told them that this is how I have to live.

IST works on silencing the mind and healing deep issues in a real way.

What are the benefits?

You gain clarity on what is actually going on in your body and mind.
When you reach the depth of an issue and the healing happens. And then you feel different. Lighter and more connected to yourself.
Your whole being calms down and you experience more silence and stillness inside.
Joy and inspiration will start to arise from inside instead of having to come from the outside.

Who is it for?

Your do not need to have any meditation training or knowledge to get good results in IST.

The IST process is for you that have a deep longing for deep healing and want to understand more about yourself.

  • You are mentally stable
  • You want to see more about your inner worlds
  • You are curious about the cause of your emotions
  • For people that want to find their spiritual path

You can also have something that you have worked on for some time and need the last boost to get it solved. Maybe you have done counselling for many years but feel that the issue is still lingering around.

Maybe you have some energetic problems that no doctor can find an explanation to. IST brings clarity to those levels, so you understand and have more awareness of it. The more awareness the more you can get a distance to the problem and it will not bother you in the same way.

IST does not work well when people are on antidepressants. That is because the medication has the function to disconnect you from your deeper feelings. So, in IST we want to reach the depth and that can never happen when something inside does not want to be reached. But if you are someone that want to get off your medication and have started that process it might be worth talking about it and see if I am the one to help you.

What to expect?

Expect surprises…good ones!

You will find so many fascinating things in your inner worlds. After 13 years of working with IST for myself and clients I am an experienced guide for you, and I know how to hold a safe space. If I am not able to create trust it would not work for you to go deep. My aim is to bring you in to your bigger parts. Of course, we process grief and sadness, but the cool thing is to find where you are fully yourself and whole. That is what I really want you to feel. Those places will grow stronger the more we presence them and that is how you will become unstoppable and feel emotional freedom.

Be defined by the real you inside, not your issues!

How long is a session?

The sessions are between 60-90 min depending on how we decide to work together.

After some session in person I might feel that it is ok to work over Skype, but you need to get in to and know the method first.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on what we are working on. I want you to commit to 5 sessions as a beginning because there is a way to start to see things and then open up to them and then let the healing take place.

This is a beautiful process that needs its time. It is not a quick fix.

How can I get started?

To get started, simply click the button below and fill out the form to schedule your free phone consultation.